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A Unique mixed media artwork on glass.

In an exciting Castle Fine Art first, acclaimed artist Richard Rowan fuses print and original to create a series of unique mixed media original artworks. Transforming a singular, glass printed foreground with his signature hand-painted skies, Richard returns to a comforting, familiar place in Finland, with a stunning new take on season creating an opportunity for collectors to acquire a new type of work from Richard.


Forever More III

Richard's new collection came about by fond memories of visiting friends in Finland. In between visits, his friends would send photographs of the same location at different times of day and at different times of the year. Upon seeing how the same view can look so beautifully different, he was inspired to create his own incredible versions of the landscapes he saw. Forever More signifies the comfort of a favourite place as it changes throughout time.


Forever More

Printed with identical matte black landscapes of forest trees and mountains as a foreground, each one has a different background created using Richard’s painstaking technique of painting the reverse of the glass. In a break from tradition Richard paints foreground to background, requiring a more considered approach to detail and layering .

“Even if you stay in the same place, it all still changes" – Richard Rowan.


Forever More X

After the dark foreground was reverse printed onto glass from an original painting of Finland, Richard then worked meticulously to add a hand-painted background that preserves vibrant shades of oil beneath the layers before piercing through them to add depth and texture. It is unusual for an artist to revisit the exact same location with this level of detail, but the result is a mesmerising representation of the power of nature, time and light

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