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Scottish Serenity

Inspired by the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and his fascination of the vast universe, Richard Rowan's brand new releases showcase his true mastery. While on their travels, Richard's family chose to visit one of the darker, more remote parts of Scotland, surrounded by large bodies of water to experience how the night sky interacted with water in order to capture the serenity in his artworks.


Scotland inspired Richard to challenge himself further by building colour into the foreground of his artworks for the first time. As Richard is at the forefront of his technique, there was no guide to follow, only trial and error.

Based on the Scottish Highlands and inspired by a family trip to the Isle of Skye and Dornie last year, Richard has challenged himself to build colour in the foreground of his artworks for the first time.

Richard is a true lover of the natural world and is passionate about capturing as much of its beauty as he can, and his new limited edition artworks truly create a sense of wanderlust and escapism.


Finding Home

Location: Scotland

Music: 'Faded Fluorescence'

by Lights & Motion, Album Reanimation. 

"Finding Home is a vivid and moving tribute to Richard and his wife’s family roots in the Scottish Highlands and the inspiration their time there provided, pushing him again to further challenge himself technically to build colour in the foreground of his artworks for the first time."


Particles Of Light

Location: Scotland

Music: 'Indaco'

by Ludovico Einaudi, Album Islands. 

"Particles of Light is inspired by exploring the dark skies over Dornie with his children and features beautiful soft colour with stunning highlights picking out the brightness of the milky way. This piece is an ode to Richard's love of experiencing the size and beauty of the universe with his children.."

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