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Infinite Collection

Observing the skies is something Richard is passionate about, and it’s a passion he shares with his family. “My son and daughter have become very interested in the Milky Way and how it works, and the more places we've been in the world where you can see it, the more they've been obsessed by it.

“It's a family business that I'm in - it's not just me painting, it's what the whole family are doing; where we go on holiday, what we're looking at, and how interested I can make the kids in my work. We have a telescope and we're looking at stars and seeing what the universe is all about. It's great to bring their excitement as well as mine into the work.

“They’re starting to want to design my pictures themselves and to be a part of it; they see me doing it every day in my studio and they just wanted more Milky Way and I looked for ways to paint it, and how to put them into the works. Sometimes I’ve put four birds in or four stars close together and I've done lightning strikes, which have four parts to them as well. Putting the family first is what we're all about but putting the family into the picture is even nicer as well because they feel part of it all.”


Our Magical Land

Location: Scotland

Music: 'The King'

by Tony Anderson. 

"This is another piece that I've always wanted to do in black and white. it was based on a part of Scotland that we've visited; the kids are obsessed with night photography, so I wanted to bring that into it as well. Trying to get the Milky Way reflecting off the water was great and it worked out really well.

“Scotland is an important place for us; we have family there and we took a trip this summer to show the kids the Isle of Skye. It’s probably one of the darker points of Scotland, so we can really see everything and to be by the loch and see the beautiful Milky Way was a bit of a moment for us and the kids especially."


Dark Days, Bright Nights

Location: Finland

Music: 'The Way of Water'

by Solstice Beats. 

"Dark Days, Bright Nights features a waterfall, and it’s reminiscent of our time in Iceland, where we saw this amazing place. It’s the first time I’ve done a waterfall in a piece and painted water at night so I’m really trying to put the most extreme things into a piece and make it more difficult for myself! It’s full of a lot of memories for me and my family, plus it has a kind of vintage look. It’s a special piece technically for me, too, as it's trying to combine the night sky with water and the Milky Way all in one piece with a really minimal colour palette."

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