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impossible dream book richard rowan

An Impossible Dream | Hard Backed Book

An open edition hard cover book by Richard Rowan titled 'An Impossible Dream'. Richard's beautiful hardback book rediscovers 

works old and new, plus features exclusive studio photography and personal anecdotes from throughout his 15-year career with us. 

This, the first-ever book by acclaimed artist Richard Rowan, commemorates the artist's 15th anniversary with Castle Fine Art. With a foreword by one of Castle Fine Art founders, Glyn Washington, this pivotal work is a celebration of Richard's many achievements as an artist across the last 15 years; a marvellous artistic journey, full of determination, tremendous talent, and a true artistic eye. 

From his early years, training, and personal anecdotes, to a brief history of landscape painting and the significance of glass as his chosen artist medium, this magical work provides a unprecedented insight into the life and work of one incredibly talented artist. 

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